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    oracle quoting creation isue

      Hi all,

      I am working on oracle R12 implementation process in istore and oracle sales manager.

      In this i can able to create the "Request for help" or istore quote in istore.

      But i not able view the created istore quote in "oracle sales manager" quoting . Also i couldn't able to create the new quote in"oracle sales manager" Quoting.

      Please help on this issue..

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          Hello Narayanan,

          Reference: Oracle® Quoting Implementation Guide Release 12.1 (Part No. E13462-04)

          There are several profiles that impact security in Oracle Quoting.
          Check the following profile options for the Quoting responsibility -

          MO: Security Profile --
          This should be set to the same value as the iStore cusotmer user responsibility (or to a value that includes that Operating Unit).

          Oracle Applications uses the profile MO: Security Profile to link an operating unit to a
          responsibility. This is a flexible security profile which allows a responsibility access to
          one or more operating units without having to switch between responsibilities. It can be
          set to any value based on the operating units in the organization.

          ASO: Enable Security Check
          Determines whether Quote Access Security is enabled. Quote Access Security
          determines which quotes users can access and at what levels.
          If set to Yes, users can access only those quotes belonging to a sales team they or one of
          their subordinates belong to. Limits user's access level as well.
          If set to No, users have update access to all quotes.
          If null, a value of No is assumed.
          Note: If this profile is set to No, you should not set other security
          profiles, as they do not work when security is turned off.

          ASO: New Quote Security
          Controls the user's ability to create new quotes.
          If set to Yes, the user cannot create new standalone quotes unless the quote is created
          from an opportunity.
          If set to No, the user can create new standalone quotes. They can copy existing quotes to
          new quotes and create quotes from opportunities.

          ASN: Customer Access Privilege
          Determines the customers to display for a Quote To Customer, Quote to Account,and Customer searches.

          Thank you,
          Deborah Bourgeois, Oracle Customer Support
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