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    Why there are two set cluster processes

      Why there are two sets of processes ,(init.crsd,init.evmd,int.cssd) and (crsd.bin,cssd.bin,enm.bin) ?
      Which set must start first?
      Is there any dependency between one and other , is there any relationship?
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          when clusterware is started, the set of processes (init.crsd,init.evmd,int.cssd) will be running
          There are three main background processes you can see when doing a ps –ef|grep d.bin. They are normally started by init during the operating system boot process
          the second set of process (init.crsd,init.evmd,int.cssd) are CRS background processes
          they are running if the crs_stat command and crsstat script work. If they do not work, you will want to verify the background processes (init.crsd,init.evmd,int.cssd) are really running.
          if first set doesnt work the second set won t work anyway they are dependent process.
          you can take a look document below