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    Performance issues when setting up new users

      Hi folks,

      Our mobileserver environment runs fine for years now. Even sync is stable by now ;-)
      However, when adding a new user to the system and assigning him to a group/subscription, we have real performance issues.
      It feels like it's taking ages to do the necessara DML and quite often we get a webserver timeout.
      Even worse is that we also have the "sequence does nto exist" pretty often for these new users after a few synchronizations.
      Does anyone know where we can tweak the system a little for better performance in this area?

      Thanks a lot.

      Best Regards
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          Marius H
          Is it the user adding process that times out, or MGP?

          If MGP, have you tried to set the MAX_THREADS parameter to a higher value? I typically use a value twice as high as the number of CPU cores. I had problems with MGP timeout, but since I increased the number of MGP threads, the Mobile server does just fine, but the database gets a little more load (CPU time).
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            Hi Marius,
            Thanks for your reply. In fact it's the webpage/webserver that times out (browser displayes timout message) and we don't know if the background DML have been successfully carried out.
            If we would know that happens in the background, we would be able to check the mobileserver tables.
            We didn't have this kind of issues in the past, but we might now have sort of critical mass of users.
            Any idea how to improve this?
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              Hi Christian,

              how I understood you add new user using webtogo and not API. Is it correct? As example we also have the few servers and to add new user using webtogo takes ~15s. But once we change network then it started to take ~5min. - much longer. We tried to check connection between OMS and DB and found that if before ping took 1ms then after network changes started to take ~15ms. What results return the ping if you do from OMS server? Also, how many users you have on the system? I only can say if ping takes >10ms then probably not too much you can do except find how improve network connection.