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    Server java.io.EOFException when syncing (

    Marius H
      We have both WCE and Android clients on our Mobile Server w/latest patches. Sometimes I can see the following in the Sync history:

      Sync session exception stack trace:
      java.io.EOFException: Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream
           at java.util.zip.InflaterInputStream.fill(InflaterInputStream.java:216)
           at java.util.zip.InflaterInputStream.read(InflaterInputStream.java:134)
           at oracle.lite.sync.HeliosSession.recvCompressed(Unknown Source)
           at oracle.lite.sync.HeliosSession.recvRec(Unknown Source)
           at oracle.lite.sync.HeliosSession.startSession(Unknown Source)
           at oracle.lite.sync.resume.Client$1.run(Unknown Source)
           at oracle.lite.sync.resume.ThreadPool$PoolTask.run(Unknown Source)

      It looks like it never happens to the WCE units, only Android syncs.

      Does anybody know how to fix this? Does this mean that the user is not able to deliver his data properly?