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    Problem connecting to VM database from MAC OSX Host system

      I have installed virtual box on a MacBook Pro and have the Oracle Developer Days Database installed OK, fully functional from Red Hat.

      The problem is that I cannot connect to it from my MAC OSX development environment.

      I assume this is a simple problem to solve, but can't seem to find anything.

      Here are some basics stats:

      HostName OSX: Shawn-MacBook-Pro.local

      Red Hat Linux HostName: localhost:localdomain

      Red Hat Linux IP:

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          You can't connect to the internal loopback interface of a VM from the host, as the IP is always only accessible from the host it is configured on, which is in your case the VM itself. Since your Mac also has an IP address of OS X couldn't separate one from the other.

          You will need configure VM with a bridged network interface and assign a unique IP to that interface within your VM - this can be any IP from your local LAN network. Afterwards you will be able to access the VM's new network interface.

          Once you got that far, you can try to access your VM.