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    Custom Build AIA PIP between Siebel and eBS

      I have a project where in I am integrating Siebel and eBS systems.There are different process flow integrations that I need to integrate between these 2 systems.I know there is O2C PIP for integrating between these systems.But due to some reasons my company doesnt want to pursue using O2C PIP for integrations.So I would like to know
      -> if there is any other PIP for this purpose OR
      ->If we can build a custom AIA PIP for this and what are the pros and cons of it and tasks we would need to do for successful integrations of different process flows? OR
      ->if there is any way in SOA suite that we can use to integrate between these systems for different process flows?I wanted to know how OracleASadapters (packaged based adapters) for Siebel can work in this case and pros and cons for using this adapters?

      ->if there is any other way,please let me know!

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          I don't think we have any PIP other than O2C to integrate Siebel with Ebiz.
          It is the matter of evaluating to what extent the out of the box PIP answers the integration requirement. As per my understanding no PIP suits 100% for any given business integration, it has to be tweaked for sure. It should be the architect decision comparing the effort of scratch development vs using PIP.
          One has to understand the best practices for building AIA integration otherwise we end up making tightly coupled integration which make no sense of using AIA foundation pack. Read best practices of AIA development.
          The core advantage of using AIA foundation pack is that enables the central hub of integration between any systems leaving a room for integration of other business applications. You can also build simple composites to integrate without following AIA principles but it is as simple as making P2P integration.

          Saikrishna Panuganti