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    cant remove a file from a directory

      hi gems...god morning...

      I am facing an issue but i cant figure it out..

      I have two users which belong to same group i.e. user1 and user2
      Now user1 owns a directory(dir1) and the permission is 775.
      Now user2 makes a FTP and places a file(fil1) into that directory(dir1) owned by user1.
      The umask setting is 027 and thats why in that directory(dir1) the file permission becomes 640.

      But when i am trying to delete that file(fil1) using user1, then it is not allowing me..

      what can i do..please suggest...thanks in advance...
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          It's look strange.

          Try use rm -f file1

          In case error please show result of command and output ls -la dir1

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            thanks for replying...

            It really looks strange and all i thought it is a code problem..

            Means the scenario i have told here is not from the direct access to the solaris box...

            It is happenning when a batch job is being called from there. The operations the batch job does is to take the file, do some processing and then remove that file. Everything is getting successful except the last step.

            But when I tried from the backend(direct access through putty) then it behaves normally.

            So i am confirm that it is a code issue. I have told the developers to check the code.
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              Being able to erase a file is actually being able to modify that file's parent directory.
              Have you checked the corresponding permisions for the user that is trying to erase the file?

              Hope this helps..