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    User Report not populated with required data


      I'm using Sun IdM 8.1 version. We are trying to gererate a "user report", which contains all user information belonging to an organisation. But when the report is generated, the "Manager" attribute conatins "No Value", though the user has manager DN value updated on LDAP and other instances. All other attributes such as email, pin are getting updated except Manager.

      My question is
      when the user report is executed, from where the user data will be fetched?Is it from LDAP instance, or the database or from the application? The attribute mapping within the report task definition is :
      <defvar name='attrMap'>
      <MapEntry key='accountId' value='UI_REPTS_XML_REPORT_ATTR_ACCOUNTID'/>
      <MapEntry key='assignedRoles' value='UI_ATTR_ASSIGNED_ROLES'/>
      <MapEntry key='attributes.firstname' value='UI_ATTR_FIRSTNAME'/>
      <MapEntry key='attributes.fullname' value='UI_ATTR_FULLNAME'/>
      <MapEntry key='attributes.lastname' value='UI_ATTR_LASTNAME'/>
      <MapEntry key='attributes.nmid' value='UserID'/>
      <MapEntry key='disabled' value='UI_ATTR_DISABLED'/>
      <MapEntry key='email' value='UI_ATTR_EMAIL'/>
      *<MapEntry key='idmManager' value='UI_ATTR_MANAGER'/>*
      <MapEntry key='locked' value='UI_ATTR_LOCKED'/>
      <MapEntry key='organization' value='UI_ATTR_ORGANIZATION'/>
      <MapEntry key='passwordExpiry' value='UI_ATTR_PASSWORDEXPIRY'/>
      <MapEntry key='properties.tasks.NMG Delete User.date' value='Task Date'/>
      <MapEntry key='properties.tasks.NMG Delete User.task' value='Task Name'/>
      <MapEntry key='resources' value='UI_ATTR_USER_RESOURCES'/>
      <MapEntry key='roles' value='UI_ATTR_ROLES'/>

      We are not sure why only manager value is coming null.