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    AutoVue 20.2 ActiveX printIt() method only invokes once per session

      Hi All,
      I'm doing some AutoVue ActiveX with VB.Net 2008. This issue that I'm having is that it only prints once and won't invoke the printIt() method again. But if I restart the coding session, the printIt() will work the first time only.
      The code is in a function that gets called from a menu button and the FilePath has the file path and drawing name ( a DWG file) within it.


      avPrintDrawing.setFile("upload://" & FilePath)

      'Printer settings
      avPrintDrawing.setPrintOptions("ORIENTATION", Orientation)
      avPrintDrawing.setPrintOptions("PAPERSIZE", PaperSize)
      avPrintDrawing.setPrintOptions("PRINTDRIVER", "CutePDF Writer")



      I have tried .closeDocuement() but that doesn't help. Is there a method I need to do to refresh the settings. or does it need some sort of init again?