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    OHW Provider is unavailable after deploy app onto Weblogic Server

      Hi, I am facing a strange issue, I have added OHW provider into my application, and if I set HelpTopicId for a component, there will be a help icon --"?" by the side of the component, and if user click it, the OHW window will pop up and show the help content. All the features work well when I run it on my local machine (Jdeveloper, and if I build an ear file by Jdeveloper and deploy it onto a single weblogic server, it works as well, but the strange thing happens when I use the Ant build script to package the ear file, and then deploy this ear file onto weblogic server, the help icon will disappear, seems that the OHW provider is unavailable. No error message on weblogic console.
      So any one can help me to get around this issue?
      By the way, I have already package help-share.jar, ohw-rcf.jar, ohw-share.jar by using Ant script and put them under <war>/WEB-INF/lib.
      Thanks a lot.