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    Expected Behaviour of Xp/IE with new Deploying JavaFX 2.2

      I am trying to use the toolkit to deploy some applications. I have collected various
      code segments form the document and when I try to access the following page with
      XP on a system that already has java installed. I am getting a message about needing
      to install Java and java is already installed. I can provide a test url over
      private email.

      I was expecting one of the on condition javascript methods to be called.

      onDeployError: reportError,
      onInstallFinished: installFinished,
      onInstallNeeded: installNeeded,
      onInstallStarted: installStarted,
      onGetNoPluginMessage: getNoPluginMessage,
      onJavascriptReady: javascriptReady,
      onRuntimeError: runtimeError,
      onGetSplash: getSplash

      Chrome 21.0.1180.60 m

      XP/Service Pack 3