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    ILOM login prompt

      I've managed to access the ILOM of the server - the problem was with the USB to RJ45 adapter, and having found a serial port to RJ45 adapter the connection works both up and downstream. The next step involved resetting the ILOM password using a jumper on the motherboard, but so far things are progressing.....off to install Solaris next.

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      Hello, I've just taken delivery of a T5240 acquisition from a defunct project and this is my first admin task. I've managed to watch the ILOM process starting up using hyperterminal and putty via a USB serial interface into RJ45 connector from a windows XP machine into the Service Manager port.

      Everything appears to start as expected, but when the login prompt appears and I attempt to key in a user I can see characters echoing to the terminal but on hitting Enter nothing happens, i.e. I type root, hit Enter and no password prompt appears.

      Is there a chance that having acquired the hardware from another area the username/password needs resetting? Would I be right in thinking that there will always be a root user in the ILOM?

      I can't connect the server to a network so cannot ssh into it just yet, but I'm thinking of using a basic domestic router with DHCP capability and plugging the server and the XP desktop machine into it and trying from there.

      Any help greatly appreciated.


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