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    Start different instances of same (java) web application in glassfish

      Good morning!

      I don't know, if this is the right subforum, so please move it if not.

      I want to reuse webapplications on a glassfish 3.1.x server. I want to find every webapplication which is a special kind of a type (-> handling same sort of a task like spell checking. Therefore you can use a german spell checker service or en english spell checker web application).
      But every web service of the found ones should have the option to use another service (again: it references the type of the wanted service).

      Now two users want to use the service with each time another referenced server. For example user X calls> service A, which references and uses service B; but user Y calls> service A, which references and uses service C.
      Interfaces of B and C are matching totally, but implementation is different.
      How can it be realized?
      Can I create some sort of a "context", where I declare "it is user X - so use service B"? Or can I create another "instance" of the service A with different properties?
      Or should I deploy the whole web application twice?

      Hint: The connections between the services should stay at least a month up to 6 months.

      It's left to me to choose the application type (servlet, web application, ejb etc.), but once the service is deployed, we can't touch it again (only the databases and propertyfiles).

      So please give me some hint how to solve this.
      I appreciate every little suggestion.

      kind regards