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    Oracle Grid ASM 11gR2 Windows2008 R2 x64


      I get following configuration : 2 nodes running Windows 2008 R2 x64, lun storage with iscsi connexion.
      I created successfully 4 raw devices, remove any letter on both nodes.
      Following entries have been added into DNS:

      1 static ip for SCAN
      1 public ip for both nodes (lan ip)
      1 virtual ip for both nodes (ping doesn't reply on those ip addresses)

      I made the Oracle Grid 11gR2 setup successfully, created the RAC database using ASM disks.

      I decide to remove all Oracle Grid setups, using command line, and to re install into another folder. And now I get the error message INS-40719:
      IP address configured for Single Client Access Name (SCAN): string is already assigned to another system

      I got a look into DNS entries and found that the static ip for SCAN was also assigned to my first node.
      Before to go on, how explain that the DNS has been updated with incorrect lan information ?

      How to solve it ? I removed unusable ip addresses from DNS, but thoses addresses come back.