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    Compose phase times out, caused by single random user (

    Marius H
      Quite ofte now, the MGP Compose times out. The timeout is always caused by a single random user. COMPOSE is running fine for all users except this one.

      During the MGP cycle, compose typically takes 0.5 to 2 seconds pr. user. When I get the situation explained above, all the user have normal compose times, except for one. I have tried to set COMPOSE_TIMEOUT to 600 and 1200 seconds to no avail, and I think that if I'd set the timeout to indefinate, COMPOSE would hang forever...

      When I go to current MGP cycle and browse the clients, find the culprit and click on him, I get a message that says that there is no active MGP Cycle.

      It looks like the COMPOSE phase actually is finished, but the server never gets it. When it eventually times out, everthing looks fine.

      This happens quite often now. Maybe for each 10th MGP cycle.

      Has anybody experienced something similar?


      Edit: Earlier I thought this only happened to Android users, but today it happened to a WCE user as well.

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