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    AutoVue 20.2 - HotSpots - Java Implementation only (No JavaScript)


      Is it possible to implement HotSpots only in Java?
      We have implemented in JavaScript fine but I am struggling to do this in Java only.
      When it comes to the action perform when you right click on a hotspot it seems you can only invoke a JavaScript action.
      This seems a little odd to give API to setup the HotSpots in Java but not be able to invoke a function in Java.
      I would have thought there was a way to specify invoking a JavaScript method or a method in the VueAction that implemented the HotSpots.
      I am able to trap single click and double click on the HotSpot. I cannot trap when you right click on it and then choose an option you set up in Java. This is where only JavaScript seems to get invoked.

      Please can anyone help with this as it is really slowing a new development of mine down and a JavaScript implementation can work it just becomes a nightmare when trying to put it into other integration's we have for other DM's.