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    Content Encoding Error


      1st I entered the link
      2nd login page is ok – after entering my id and password
      3rd I get this error

      Content Encoding Error
      The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression

      Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.
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          Content encoding error means that although you have an account you have not been provisioned into BeehiveOnline - ugly error but we have little control as this is generated by the Beehive Mid-tier refusing access after the SSO Login allows you through. Contact whoever sent you the link and they can add you to the necessary group or flag it as an issue to the support staff if you are in there but not able to access the site.

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            Hi Phil,
            I have a customer with the same issue.
            I am the administrator and I have created the workspace and the account. I have followed the same process several times for other workspaces but until now anybody got this error message.
            Could you help me, please ?
            many thanks