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    Matching on multiple addresses - OEDQ

      we are using Siebel UCM for MDM solution. Would like to know if Enterprise Data Quality supports multiple addresses for individual matching.
      We don't want just use primary address for matching but all address of contact when EDQ does matching.

      Does EDQ support that?
      Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

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          The answer to this is:

          EDQ supports matching on whatever data it is given. This can include multiple child records of various types.

          The EDQ Customer Data Services Pack and the EDQ Siebel Connector have in-built support for matching contacts, prospects and accounts in Siebel using multiple addresses, as well as multiple other child entities.

          However, the version of Siebel that includes the change required to send multiple addresses to EDQ is not yet released. It will be released in the near future, and no upgrade to EDQ will be needed to support matching using multiple addresses and other child entities.

          Note that Siebel's interface with ODQ (IIR) has supported matching on multiple addresses for some time, but this uses a proprietary interface.