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    DataGuard Broker in 11gR2 - StaticConnectIdentifier

      Ok, I have read that in 11gR2 you no longer have the requirement of putting in a static entry in your listener.ora file with <SID>_DGMGRL if you use the Dataguard Broker parameter: StaticConnectIdentifier. I have used this new parameter and it was set up automatically to be:


      My question is that there is no entry anywhere that specifies the SERVICE_NAME as prod_sb_DGMGRL. Will my switchover work without that SERVICE_NAME being defined no where? Am I missing a step? Thanks folks.
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          I'm thinking the switchover will fail with an ORA-12514. Without the listener.ora entry DGMGRL will not be able to connect to the databases after they have been stopped.

          So you still need the _DGMGRL or at least a static entry in the listener.ora. In any event the static entry will not cause an issue.

          *Switchover Failed With ORA-12521 using Dataguard Broker [ID 1380949.1]*

          For additional information see - 8.3.40 StaticConnectIdentifier in "Data Guard Broker 11g Release 2 (11.2) E17023-04"

          "A connect identifier that refers to a service that is statically registered"

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