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    Hai friends one help .. I tried to install siebel 8.1 (sample) in windows 7

      Hai friends i tried to install siebel 8.1(sample) in windows 7 i tried and installed everything perfectly.. its not working fine..

      First i installed siebel client and next siebel sample dumb and next is siebel tools

      while i installing siebel tools it throwing an error like tat missing Microsoft sql Native client is missing .. and how can i overcomethis (MSNC)

      and client is also not opening fine. Can u elaborate the steps and how can i install successfully siebel 8.1 in windows 7 ?

      is it possible please explain me and help me to guide and suggest me

      Thanks & Regards

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          Please mention the exact error you are facing. Were the Siebel 8.1 image files created successfully ?

          Before we install the Siebel client software on our Microsoft Windows workstations or laptops, we should verify that the following
          prerequisites are met:
          1.) Database client software is installed (for Developer Web Client only) [Since you dont have the server env. ,  you dont need to install db client]
          2.) The user account for the installation has administrative rights. (user account must be a member of the local Administrators group)
          3.) Browser security settings are correct

          Once you have created the Image files for Tools,Client and Sample DB , just run the oui.exe for Tools/Client , and install.exe for Sample DB.

          During Client installation , one thing to note is , Internet Explorer is launched . Here , the browser loads the predeploy.htm file in the client's bin directory to load
          the preconfigured ActiveX controls. When the page displays The download is complete… we can close the browser window , and the installation continues.

          For Sample db installation , In the Destination Folder section, click Browse and navigate to the Siebel client installation directory.
          (i.e. Client need to be installed before the sample db)