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    EIM job automation

      Hello, just asking with regards to EIM performance factor.
      The project will setup EIM job thru automation, we expect to have roughly 10,000 records to process by this job.
      Normally, once the EIM job started to execute given the huge amount of records? What should be the ideal time needed as interval before we can make a new EIM schedule job?

      We eyeing up about 15minutes interval, however not sure if this will degrade the server performance, given the huge amount of records. And this will be the first time that we will be setting up a job thru automation.

      If you happen to have same implementation, kindly let us know and give us at least points of view of what should need to consider and impact if we will proceed with 15minutes internal time? if 15 minutes may not be suffice, what is the ideal interval time then?

      Thank you.
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          This is dependent on too many factors to give a meaningful answer.

          Which EIM table are you using?
          Which base tables are involved?
          How many columns will be loaded?

          10,000 records for an "average" EIM job doesn't sound like a lot.
          But it also depends on your hardware.

          You can also specify multiple batches in the IFB file.
          If the last batches are empty, it won't matter.

          You can also try to control it through SQL.
          Just check the status of the records.
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            The table EIM table we are using has no direct relationship with the party tables and that’s the good thing as the insert statement deals on 3 columns only and very simple. We setup batch range for this to specify how many records as batch size.

            Do you think in less than 10mins the EIM job assume to be completely executed by then? We worry on the potential huge records of 10k but as you say, it does not sound like a lot. So, I presume in 10mins this job will be completed given no error at all? could you confirm?

            Though, we can confirm this until it’s live deployment, but I’m anticipating as early as now the probable things to happen based on your project experiences.

            Looking forward for the prompt response and again thank you very much.
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              With the current information it sounds it should be no problem.

              You do need to make sure that the indexes and statistics are up to date (ask your DBA).

              Can't you test this in DEV, TEST oR UAT environment?
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                We tested it however only small amount of data, not 10k records. But we have decided to have at least 5 minutes gap and we will monitor the performance during the live deployment. Should anything goes wrong then we will do corrective actions. Thank you by the way for your responses, it help a lot. Truly appreciated. Thanks again