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    Compare UI templates


      We have 3 environments where configurator is installed. We do not have GOLD instance, so do not use model publishing from source to destination. Once the model is developed in dev/test and UAT approval is complete, we need to setup again in prod. Since this is a totally manual process, there is a high margin of error.

      We can generate and compare model reports to check for discrepancies. But, for UI templates (there are quite a few new ones devloped), is there a similar thing which can be done to compare the same UI templates between instances?

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          It is bit difficult but you can start with :

          You can query cz_ui_templates by tempate_name or id whatever you can find from repository.
          The table has a column called JRAD_DOC.
          Now open CZInfo.jsp and enter above JRAD_DOC in input box for "JRAD documents by Path"
          This should display the template structure. You can try comparing the structure.
          Again there are many steps like how u will get detail for display/enable condition, custom text expression etc. You can use cz_ui_template_elements, cz_rules, cz_intl_texts along with above JRAD doc ids.
          By looking at XML, atleast you can compare the structure.

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            Thanks Pankaj for the suggestion. I shall use the queries to compare.