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    ActiveX event handlers

      Has anyone an example of how to catch the OnFileEvent of the activeX control?
      In the object browser the signature is this

      public delegate void IID_ISource_onFileEventEventHandler(object sender, AxJVueAXLib.IID_ISource_onFileEventEvent e)
      Member of AxJVueAXLib

      When the handler catches it, the event id or description doesnt seem to be available

      public void OnFileEventEventHandler(object sender, AxJVueAXLib.IID_ISource_onFileEventEvent e)
      String eventParam;
           //This returns a valid control
           AxJVueAXLib.AxJVueAXControl jvc = (AxJVueAXLib.AxJVueAXControl)sender;

           //Returns System.__ComObject
           eventParam = e.ToString();

           //This does not work
           //int eventID = e.getEventID();
           //eventParam = e.getEventParameter();

           //This does not work
           //int eventID = e.arg0.getEventID();

           //This does not work
           //var arg = e.arg0;
           //int EventID = arg.GetType().GetMethod("getEventID", System.Reflection.BindingFlags.IgnoreCase).Invoke(arg, null);
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          Event object full declaration (implementation) is not known at compilation
          time, so late binding on the base of .NET Reflection mechanism should be used
          to access the object methods and data, i.e.

          Type eventType = e.arg0.GetType();
          Int id =(int)eventType.InvokeMember("getEventID",System.Reflection.BindingFlags.InvokeMethod, null, e.arg0, null);