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    Deleting old version of Java disabled ability to open AP and PO Accrual Rpt

      Hi I am an end-user and we are in the process of testing Oracle Financials, Purchasing, etc in order to upgrade to the latest version of Oracle. My IT group fiddled with my laptop and said I had 2 versions of Java and apparently deleted the old version on my laptop. Ever since then, I have been unable to open/view the 1) AP and PO Accrual Reconciliation Report and 2) Summary Accrual Reconciliation Report from the Purchasing module of Oracle. I can still view other financial reports that I run ( i.e. Inventory Value Report from Inventory module, Journal Entries Report from GL, Receiving Transactions Register from A/R). I currently have Java 6 update 29 installed but I am still unable to open reports from the Purchasing module.

      Can anyone figure out what happened and how do I re-enable the ability to view those Purchasing reports again?