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    Endeca in ASP.NET application

      Does anyone have experience using Endeca in an ASP.NET application, particularly SharePoint?

      I saw couple of options:
      1. Usecontrols provided by RAD Toolkit for ASP.NET
      2. Accessing lower-level API using Endeca.Navigation*.dll

      Any preference?

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          sean horgan - oracle
          There are customers who have deployed Endeca with ASP.NET and the choice between RAD and the lower-level APIs depends on how much the RAD interface supports your UI needs. In our most recent release (Endeca Commerce v3.1), we no longer provide the RAD Toolkit as we support an HTTP interface with our Assembler framework. Many of our .NET customers, especially those on v4, prefer to consume the XML responses we provide with the Assembler. We still provide the lower-level Endeca.Navigation dll in Platform Services v6.1.3, which is shipped as part of the Endeca Commerce v3.1 release.

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            What is the recommended direction taking into account the future product life cycle? We're upgrading from 6.0.2 with RAD.NET. Will the Presentation API continue to be supported or going forward should we consider refactoring our code to use the Assembler Framework? Are there performance considerations?

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              John P
              We are pretty much in similar scenario like Shawn.C and would like to know more information keeping long term in mind.

              Appreciate any help

              We use a Hybrid of RAD.Net (60%) and direct Presentation api calls (40% - to embrace old webstudio era logic).

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                Kristen G-Oracle
                The presentation API is still supported but you will want to move to the Assembler framework on pages that use merch rules and migrate from the content assembler for page builder deployments. The performance is expected to be the same.