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    oradiag_ folder ?

      i have created a Oracle Service Bus 11g ( domain with Admin and one managed server on a linux machine with only one JDBC data source (wlsbjmsrpDataSource) for reporting. I just noticed that whenever i start the admin server a folder named "oradiag_$username" gets created automatically under the user directory that I have used to create the domain, and even after deleting it several time its keep repapering. I am using a remote Oracle database for the JDBC data source.

      When I google “oradiag_” it says that it’s a Oracle 11g database feature that they have introduced for diagnostic, and whenever a user establishes a connection to the database it creates this directory with all the alerts and log file details with respect to the database connection for that user. I am wondering how I can stop it this folder being created. I am wondering if I stop it will it affect my application performance.