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    Sun Fire x2250 - not booting

      Hi,I have a problem with Sun Fire x2250 (3 years old).In BIOS it shows hdds,usb,dvd,etc.But when I tried to boot nothing happen.Only the flickering comma.I tried reset bios,boot from usb or cd and it was same.Is there any idea for that?Sorry for my english (czech rep.).
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          Padmaraj Pj-Oracle

          I understand that you are able to access the BIOS. Try loading failsafe setting in BIOS and perform a cold powercycle.

          From what is mentioned , It could be that the system is not able to get a boot device. Are the disks good. Is there a change if you remove the disks and CD drives ?.

          Check the firmware and confirm that it is up to date.

          Also if your ILOM is configured , try using the ILOM console redirection and check the Hardware logs to see if there are any errors.

          Please check the MOS Doc -      Sun[TM] x86/x64 Guide to System Troubleshooting [ID 1008335.1] and search for your platform.

          For ILOM refer to http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/documentation/sys-mgmt-networking-190072.html