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    Scheduled Query - Changing Email message

      Hello All,

      I'm using People Tools 8.50 and Peoplesoft 9.

      I am just starting to schedule queries and have a report generated as an excel file, being sent out the the relevent people once per week....all good.

      What I'm stuggling with is that I want to change the email message, but cannot seem to find away that does not require me to re-setup the re-occurance pattern and then send out a new copy of the report. It would be confusing for the recipients to recieve the report out of cycle and with incorrect data (+the query has date parameters that come into effect on the day it runs+).

      If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be super handy. (+I've been googling this for the last 2 hours and have read the People Tools 8.50: PeopleSoft Process Scheduler book to no avail+)



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