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    xls of one Transform has less columns than the extract?

    Simona Stanciu-Oracle
      Using Setup Manager: Transform task on Employees entity produces an excel file with less fields than thet generated xml file in the source extract task

      2) ### Steps to Reproduce ###
      1.- Create a project with selection set based on Employees. No filter.
      2.- Create an execution on the project. When finished, the system generates a zip file where can be extracted an xml file. You can see the diferent fields available.
      3.- Create a transform from the execution. An excel file is generated. When inspected, less fields are available than the ones on xml.

      Source extract generates columns from ID to Pds Information 12
      Transform generates all columns from ID to SclConcatenatedSegments
      So in the xls I can not see the column from Pds Information 13 to SclConcatenatedSegments

      The transform log looks ok:
      Executing TransformCommand

      Executing Transform Mode: SHRED_TO_DB
      Processing API: PER_Employee
      Finished executing Transform Mode: SHRED_TO_DB

      Executing Transform Mode: DB_TO_EXCEL
      Processing API: PER_Employee
      DBToExcel: Creating Excel Zip File for the Entity HR_EMP
      DBToExcel: Done with creating Excel Zip File for the Entity HR_EMP
      Finished executing Transform Mode: DB_TO_EXCEL

      Finished Executing TransformCommand.

      Is this an Excel limitation? Is this documented anywhere?

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