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    Glassfish in a Dataguard Environment

    Peter Häusler
      i am not sure if this is the right place to post, if not please forgive me.
      I am searching for some sample of jdbc connection pool Parameter when i also use a Standby Database in the backend.

      I use "is-connection-validation-required" with checking dual table. The Problem is when my primary database (which is first in the connect descripter) fails (network outage) my database session needing a long time for reconnect. I have also change some network parameter (at TCP Level) to reduce the time where time JDBC Driver waits for the SYN_SENT event. But when we have over 100 Session to the Database and i must wait 2 Minutes for one session to close its to long.

      I only want some ideas or example like use or not use "associate-with-thread" parameter or someone else has fixed this thing. I have also observed that setting the "ENABLE=BROKEN" Parameter is not getting the things better to work.

      OS OEL 5 64Bit
      Glassfish 3.2
      JDBC (one of the latest version)
      Using JDBC Thin (required)