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    ATG Endeca Installation

    Girish V U
      Hi All,

      I am trying to integrate ATG with endeca and I have followed all the steps given in the ATG-Endeca Integration guide ...also I was able to successfully complete the indexing using ProductCatalogSimpleIndexingAdmin component but still I am not able to see the search working ,in short I can't see endeca in action on my commerce site.

      Can somebody suggest If I am missing some step ,any help/hint will be hugely appreciated.

      Thanks in advance :)


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          Hi Girish,

          Hope you have followed the below steps, just cross check once again to see if you have missed out any steps

          1. Create an endeca application using DiscoverPCI sample app which is to be used for Product Catalog Integration
          2. Build an ATG application using the endeca required modules for connecting to Endeca (such as DAF.Endeca.Index, DAF.Endeca.Assembler and DCS.Endeca.Index etc)
          2. Ensure that all the required components to connect to Endeca are configured properly on ATG side such as DefaultWorkbenchContentSource, DefaultMdexResource, DataDocumentSubmitter etc
          3. Once you have successfully completed the above steps, trigger a baseline update using the ProductCatalogSimpleIndexingAdmin component
          4. Please check the endecajspref application to see if the indexed product data is appearing, after you have successfully indexed the product catalog data in the previous step.
          5. Create a page template using the experience manager in the workbench
          6. Make the necessary in the web.xml such as enabling the AssemblerPipelineServlet as defined in the ATG Endeca Integration guide so that every request passes through AssemblerPipelineServlet defined in the request handling pipeline. Alternatively you can as well use the InvokeAssembler droplet to fetch the content item.
          7. Create a folder structure with the pattern /cartridges/<<templateId>>/<<templateId>>.jsp and check if you are able to get the content item as defined in the experience manager

          Hope this gives you enough information to solve your problem. Post back if you are struck up in any of the steps.

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            Girish V U
            Hi Shabari,

            Thanks for your detailed response.

            My data is indexed and I can see it on http://localhost:8080/assembler/guidedsearch?Dy=1&Nty=1&Ntt=leather+belt (for example) but I am wondering how this data can be seen on actual CRS ,i.e., localhost:8080/crs/ ,by actual data I mean that search should fetch me results as it is giving me on above mentioned URL ,also the facets should appear (I can see facets on assembler/guidedsearch/ path).
            As far as I have read the document if we have experience manage installed we have */assembler/browse* as the path and not as assembler/guidedsearch ...so I think somehow experience manager is not working ,I tried to re-download the installers to make sure that I have correct installers but the behavior is still the same.
            I cannot see the 'experience manager' section on my work-bench too and I have installed a package which says 'Oracle Endeca Tools and Frameworks with Experience Manager 3.1.0' apart from other core and optional packages which are as follows ,
            1)Oracle Endeca MDEX Engine 6.3.0
            2)Oracle Endeca Platform Services 6.1.3
            3) Oracle Endeca Developer Studio 6.1.2
            4)Oracle Endeca Tools and Frameworks with Experience Manager 3.1.0


            1)Oracle Endeca Advanced JDBC Column Handler 6.1.2
            2)Oracle Endeca Content Acquisition System 3.0.2
            3)Oracle Endeca Content Assembler API for Java 2.1.2
            3)Oracle Endeca Document Conversion 6.1.2
            4)Oracle Endeca Relrank Evaluator 2.1.2
            5)Oracle Endeca Sitemap Generator 2.1.1
            6)Oracle Endeca URL Optimization API for Java 2.1.1

            So ,can you suggest if these are all that we need to install or I have missed any package or there is some configuration that needs to be made.

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              Hi Girish,

              First of all you should decide whether you are going to use Guided Search or Experience Manager for your implementation. The list of software installations that need to be done are
              MDEX Engine 6.3.0
              Platform Services 6.1.3
              Tools and Frameworks 3.1.0 (Choose the appropriate installation package here Guider Search or Experience Manager)
              Content Acquisition System (CAS) 3.0.2
              Developer Studio 6.1.3

              Please ensure that the above mentioned order is followed when you are doing the installations.

              Once the installations are successful create an Endeca Application using the DiscoverPCI reference application present in the ToolsAndFramworks reference apps directory. Now you can login to work bench and should be able to see the experience manager if you have installed that version.

              Once you see the experience manager in your workbench, create a sample page (say /browse under the pages section using the OOTB provided cartiridge templates). You can then perform a baseline update from ATG using ProductCatalogSimpleAdmin component to export the product data.

              From our ATG application, you can use the InvokeAssembler droplet initially to test if you are able to get the content item. Then you can use the AssemblerServelt to fetch the response from Endeca using Nuclear Assembler Factory.

              From your response below I can understand that you are using guided search and not experience manager still. If you want to get the response when you are using guided search, you need to make some changes to your ATG components such as AssemblerSettings (isExperienceManager=false).

              Please let me know if you still facing any challenges.