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    What are the pre-reqs for 12C additional OMS install?

      Can some one list the complete set of pre-reqs for the additional OMS installation.

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          kuljeet singh -
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            Venkata Thiruveedhi-Oracle

            1. Operating system of source and target machine should match including the architecture
                 Example: If source machine is linux 32 bit then target machine must be linux 32 bit
            2. Operating system users should be same on both the source and target machine including the User ID and group ID
                Example: Consider oms is installed using oracle user on source machine, oracle user belongs to oinstall group.On source machine, if the user id of oracle is 500 and group id of oinstall group is 501 then on target machine, need to create oracle user with UID 500 and oracle user should belong to oinstall group that has gid(501)
            3. Verify if all the required packages are installed on the target machine
            4. Software library should be configured on both source and target machines in the same location by the same user
                Example: on source machine, if software library is configured on /u01/swlib by oracle user then on destination machine, software library must be configured on /u01/swlib by oracle user only
            5. /tmp directory on source machine is used for temporary storage, it should have a minimum of 5GB space
            6. On source and target machines, any custom stage location with minimum of 4GB space is required. These custom staged locations are used during cloning process as temporary storage locations
            7. Before starting additional OMS installation, agent has to be installed on target machine
            8. Agent must be up and running on target machine, upload should be successful
            9. Ensure destination machine host target is shown as up in the 12c Cloud Control

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