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    Creating and compiling a stand-alone program


      I have a two part question regarding compiling a program for OpenSPARC T1 on an FPGA. The guide suggests building the binaries on a SPARC machine. Unfortunately, I don't have a SPARC machine available.

      1) Cross-compiling for SPARC
      All the links for gcc cross compilation of "Cool tools" in opensparc.net is broken. I attempted using crosstools, and have never been successful building a sparc-solaris compiler. I built a sparc-linux compiler, but that don't work with the provided libc and libos files in order to create a stand alone program. Is there support for cross-compilation, or is it a bad idea? I've searched this forum on cross-compilation, but didn't find much.

      2) Compiling on a SPARC machine
      As cross-compiling did not seem like a viable option (please correct me if I am incorrect), I started looking into purchasing refurbished sparc machines. Some threads (such as: Re: SPARC64 VII or SPARC V9 execution on software compiled on UltraSPARC chips suggest that compiled codes from pretty old machine still run on T1, and it seems like a SPARC V9 UltraSPARC IIe based machine would build fine - I would like to verify/confirm that this is true.

      Thanks in advance!