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    Updating fields under contacts

      Hello World!

      I have a very simple question. I have a vendor who created a custom batch process to update existing addresses for my contacts records. The vendor is using a set of web services provided by Oracle. The problem I am running into is as follows:

      Existing Address:
      Address1: 1234 X Street
      Address2: Suite 100
      City: Sacramento
      State: CA
      Zip: 99999

      New Address:
      Address1: 444 Y Street
      City: Sacramento
      State: CA
      Zip: 99999

      Once in a while a customer will update their address where the Address2 field is no longer used and needs to be nulled or blanked. My vendor is telling me that it is not possible to blank out the Address2 field because the web services don't allow it? I personally think this is a bunch of hog wash. Can someone please confirm?