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    MIDI OUT transmitter not available?

      When I try to run the JavaSoundDemo.jar, I got "MIDI OUT transmitter not available" error. and the JavaSoundDemo.jar failed to start. My java runtime verison is 1.6.0_31. All other Java midi playback code failed with the same error.

      In my office computer, which has older 1.6.0_2X runtime, play midi files just fine.

      Is there anything missing in my 1.6.0_32 runtime? Or should I run the older working version?
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          I installed the java runtime 1.6.0_29 (6u29), the same version I use in office, and the problem works out now.

          So this is the proof that Java audio sucks and inconsistently sucks across different versions.

          The Java never put audio in mind and this is unfortunate.