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    Join 2 Tables on Column Name and Row Field Value

      Can we join Tables on the basis of Column Name from one table and Row Field Value from other table using SQL?

      Eg: Table A having columns Name & ID
      Name Dept
      a Finance
      b Manufacturing
      c Quality

      Table 2 having columns Group & different Depts(as per table A) as columns
      Group Finance Manufacturing Qualty
      A 1 5 2
      B 3 7 9
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          I have the following table called sales 
          with sales 
                select 1 sales_id, 1 prod_id, 1001 inv_num, 120 qty from dual 
                union all 
                select 2 sales_id, 1 prod_id, 1002 inv_num, 25 qty from dual 
          select * 
            from sales 
          4. Rather than telling what you want in words its more easier when you give your expected output.

          For example in the above sales table, I want to know the total quantity and number of invoice for each product.

          The output should look like this
          Prod_id   sum_qty   count_inv 
          1         145       2 
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            The table structure is as below
            OID Region
            1 Americas
            2 Asia Pac
            3 Europe
            4 Japan

            SNo Americas AsiaPac Europe Japan
            1 1 2 3 4
            2 2 3 4 5
            4 3 4 5 6

            I need to join based on region to select values from table 2.
            eg: to fetch values under Americas
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              if I'm understanding correctly just pivot your table
              with t as 
              (select  1 OID,  'Americas' region from dual union all
               select  2, 'Asia Pac' from dual union all
               select  3, 'Europe' from dual union all
               select 4, 'Japan' from dual
               select * from t
               ( max(oid)
               for  region in ('Americas' as Americas ,'Asia Pac' as AsiaPac,'Europe' as Europe,'Japan' as Japan)
              AMERICAS     ASIAPAC     EUROPE     JAPAN
              1     2     3     4
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                Peter vd Zwan

                Is this what you need?
                with a (OID, Region) as
                select 1, 'Americas' from dual union all
                select 2, 'Asia Pac' from dual union all
                select 3, 'Europe' from dual union all
                select 4, 'Japan' from dual
                ,b (SNo, Americas, AsiaPac, Europe, Japan) as
                select 1, 1, 2, 3, 4 from dual union all
                select 2, 2, 3, 4, 5 from dual union all
                select 4, 3, 4, 5, 6 from dual
                  ,case a.region
                        when 'Americas' then b.Americas
                        when 'Asia Pac' then b.AsiaPac
                        when 'Europe'   then b.Europe
                        when 'Japan'    then b.Japan
                        else null
                  end region_value
                  a left outer join
                  b on (a.oid = b.sno)
                order by
                OID REGION   REGION_VALUE
                --- -------- ------------
                  1 Americas            1 
                  2 Asia Pac            3 
                  3 Europe                
                  4 Japan               6 

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                  Hi All

                  I have a similar requirement , but i can't hard code column names as there are more than 200 columns.
                  Oracle DB version is

                  Any pointers highly appreciated.

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                    user583321 wrote:
                    Hi All

                    I have a similar requirement , but i can't hard code column names as there are more than 200 columns.
                    Why? Too much typing for you?
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                      John Stegeman
                      but i can't hard code column names
                      Yes, and my database has a few hundred tables, so I can't hard-code any SQL statements either