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    Forms Personalisation on Changing Responsibility

      Hi All,

      I'm trying to implement a forms personalization to set the Navigator Title bar to include the security group name for HR/Payroll responsibilities but cannot get the personalisation to trigger (when I hit Apply Now it sets the Title bar up as required).

      The setup is as below, can anyone please advise on the correct triggering events/conditions (I've tried a variety including WHEN-RESPONSIBILITY-CHANGED, WHEN-FORM-NAVIGATE, etc).

      Thanks, Jay

      Trigger Event: ?????????
      Trigger Object: <blank>
      Condition: <blank>
      Processing Mode: Both

      Seq: 10
      Type: Property
      Description: Title
      Language: All

      Object Type: Window
      Target Object: NAVIGATOR
      Property Name: TITLE
      =SELECT 'Navigator - ' || ${ps.resp_name} || ' - ' || security_group_name
      FROM fnd_security_groups_tl
      WHERE 1=1
      AND security_group_id = ${ps.security_group_id}