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    FIN 8.9to9.1 Upgrade homepage


      looking through metalink upgrade documentation for FIN 8.9 to 9.1, there are several upgrade homepage documents. Yes, I can see each is for a different point-in-time as far as the PeopleSoft releases go, specifically "9.1", "9.1 Feature Pack March 2011" and "Feature Pack 2" from January 2012, so I have the option to choose how far I want to take the upgrade template? However in the very beginning of these documents, there is the "Applies to" section, which differs. I always thought upgrades were database-wide or product-wide, so how do these three templates go together? Any insight is welcome. Thanks.
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          Oracle is now a days delivering PeopleSoft in Revision Recuts.
          After each Feature Pack the application is rereleased with all bundles and patches preinstalled until that feature pack.
          During the course of an Application (normally 3 years), several PeopleTools release are released.
          For example
          FIN 9.1 was initially released with PeopleTools 8.50
          FIN 9.1 FP1 recut is delivered at PeopleTools 8.51
          FIN 9.1 FP2 recut is delivered at PeopleTools 8.52

          So I can image that some steps in the template only apply of you are on PeopleTools 8.52.

          I would advise to upgrade to FIN 9.1 FP2. You would then have all patches and bundles preinstalled by Oracle, this will save a lot of time and effort, but only if you are planning to run on PeopleTools 8.52.
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            Yes thank you Hakan, that's what I figured, it's just the "applies to" section is different in all of the homepage documents and I would expect them to be the same, or even further list all products ... anyhow, yes we will be using tools 8.52 and the latest patches, using FP2 and probably any other patches while at it.