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    Password hashing

      I'm having an issue with my password hashing. In /etc/shadow all the passwords hashes start with $1$. The security people want me to change it so the password hash starts with $5$ or $6$. So this is what I did to fix this.
      I changed CRYPT_DEFAULT for 1 to 6

      When I create a new account, the account uses the new password hashing method, but when I change an existing accounts password it still uses the old method. I'm thinking that I need to restart something but I don't know what.

      Any help would be great.

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          Ok I have the answer now.

          To set the password with the new hash you have to remove the old password 1st. You do that by using the -d option.

          passwd -d root
          passwd root
          New Password:
          re-enter new password:
          password: password successfully changed for root

          Now the password hash starts with $6$

          I hope this helps someone