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    Attn Brandye Barrington - Lost OCP 9i Certificate ...

      I completed the requirements for Oracle 9i OCP certification in 2005 and was issued a certificate. Since then the certificate has been mistakenly destroyed. Is there a way to get duplicate certificate? I do have a SR #. I did submit an e-mail to OCP Fulfillment e-mail address with the same question, but have not received any response.

      If there is no way to get a duplicate certificate issued, is there a way for me to upgrade my certification when I take and pass the appropriate 10g and 11g upgrade exams? As I took my exams under the Prometric testing regime (2003-2004) the current Pearson VUE account does not have any record of my taking the exams.

      I am hoping the Forum Moderator, Brandye is able to help with information. If anyone has had a similar situation and was able to get a duplicate certificate or upgrade after passing the upgrade exams please reply. Thank you all, in advance, for your time and consideration.

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          Matthew Morris
          You don't need Brandye -- you just need a Certview account. All of your exam history is there along with all certifications earned. I have data in there back to an Oracle 7.3 test/certification that I took under the Chauncy Group that existed before the Oracle Education certification program was started.

          From within Certview you can publish your 9i credentials to a 3rd party (which you can be yourself if you'd like). By linking any future tests at Pearson Vue to the Oracle Certification Program ID you'll see in Certview, any upgrade tests for 10G or 11G will be applied to your existing history.

          If you've never created a Certview account, you may have to open an SR to get everything sorted out. I had to, but it's been several years and I don't recall exactly what I/they did in getting the account working properly.
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            Matthew Morris: Thank you for answering my question. I was able to view them via certview. Incidentally, I recently ordered your study guide for the 1Z0-055 upgrade exam for OCP 9i to 11g. I have a great regard for you sir. Thank you again. ...Rob