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    Order Status update blocked due to Mediator resequencer


      We are facing an issue with Mediator FIFO resequencing when calling a AIA Provider ABCS via http.

      The flow is as below.

      Input message --> Mediator( with FIFO resequencing based on OrderId as GroupID) --> AIA Provider ABCS ( One way process).

      When the Provider ABCS errors out due to some reasons for GroupID say 11111, a lock is placed by resequencer and subsequent messages are queued by the FIFO re sequencer. This can be recovered by Group ID recovery console page.

      Now, say Mediator starts receiving messages for GroupID i.e. 22222, the message never reaches the Provider ABCS and the Mediator is still in RUNNING state and when we look at thr GroupID dialog box it says, the Mediator is still processing the message. Due to this, none of the status updates for any order reaches the target system.

      Can anyone suggest a way to resolve the above issue? Thanks for sharing your experiences.