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    FDM textfile multiload functionality

      Hi all,

      I need to use "multiload" functionality for loading budget data for 12 months to HFM through FDQM. Read the information available in HFM admin guide.
      But, I have a Questions here.

      If I place the file content line number three Jan-2011. It'll upload 12 months data successfully without error(2011 January to 2011 December). But Apr-2011 data goes to 2011 January column.

      I think the application's default financial year setting is set from Jan to Dec.
      But my financial year April to march (Eg- 2011 April to 2012 March).

      So I place the file content line number three Apr-2011. It'll upload 9 months data successfully without error(2011 April to 2011 December) and not update 2012 January to 2012 March data.

      Appreciate your help.

      Sample file as follows (------- In this example I considered line number 1 as ABCCompany -----------)

      5051.0000,45,xx Sales,PERIODIC,00,04,301.78,00,IFRS,"(8,342)","(1,091)","(8,555)","(7,218)","(5,119)","(6,396)","(6,311)","(9,467)","(5,693)","(7,973)","(7,754)","(9,695)"
      5052.0000,45,yy Sales,PERIODIC,00,04,301.78,00,IFRS,"(1,172)","(1,087)","(1,322)","(1,773)","(7,150)","(5,579)","(8,847)","(9,528)","(9,832)","(10,240)","(9,034)","(1,878)"
      6804.0000,45,Sales Commission,PERIODIC,00,04,301.78,00,IFRS,"1,093","1,608","1,903","1,390","1,159","7,460","1,547","1,320","1,543","1,093","1,097","1,469"


      In file content line number seven, value (8,342) is actually 2011 April data.
      value (1,091) is actually 2011 May data.
      value (7,973) is actually 2012 January data.
      value (9,695) is actually 2012 March data etc..

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