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    ftp configuring

      I am new with solaris OS and i have few questions about ftp.
      I need to build ftp server with access of four-five users, but every user must have own directory and doesn't see others in mirrored zpool/zfs (zpool and zfs is cleared), and one user have to access all ftp directories.
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          Hi to achive this

          you have to add the users in /etc/ftpd/ftpaccess


          my passwd file

          and you need to add this users in /etc/ftpd/ftpaccess like below

          guest-root /export/users nisuser1 nisuser2
          restricted-uid nisuser1 nisuser2

          here two users are restricted to home directories.and the third user can access all the files under /

          tested its working...i hope this will help you.still facing issue reply ...

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            Yes, ok I see

            But, there is something else.
            My idea:
            1: I have 2 sisters and 1 brother.
            Ammy and Lily like very much their photos, and my brother James like movies

            Amy must have her own directory where to upload and download her photos. I want directory to be placed not it rpool, but in Dpool (zpool created by 2 HDDs in mirror)
            .. so there have to be zfs .. Dpool/zfs and i need here to place directory FTP where to place directories of my sisters and my brother

            Lily must have also directory in the pool with photos and stuff, but she have to see Amy's photos

            also James must have own directory where to upload and download files and movies

            .. And there is me, where I have to see all the stuff they have..

            I don't know how to explain, but I think this is enough.

            Thank you, Regards
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              its good to refer man ftpaccess
              and check /etc/ftpd directory for more in depth configurations.
              yu can include the directory with respect to the user in ftpaccess file

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