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      Hi All,

      i am using MFL transformation for converting a XML to non-XML.

      for eg :-
      XML is

      when i am giving this XML as input to MFL transformation in proxy service i am getting output as
      binary content "cid:-7022dbd3:139e7aa2a99:-4c74" but my requirement is to get output as string "123456789",when iam testing it in MFL format tester or running the MFL on weblogic server i am getting the desierd output but when same is used in proxy service i am getting :7022dbd3:139e7aa2a99:-4c74,please suggest.

      many thanks
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          Dont worry your MFL is working fine. When you do XML to non-XML transformation within a Proxy Service using MFL, the resulting text content's reference is returned. If you see the content of the variable where you are storing output of MFL transform you will see a cid like you mentioned, but when you forward this content to another service or return it to client (by first replacing content of $body with this variable ofcourse), you will see the correct text content being passed or returned.

          To test it out do following:
          Create an MFL
          Create a Proxy in which call this MFL to transform from XML to non-XML, save the result in a variable.
          Replace content of $body with this variable
          Reply with Success.

          When you test this proxy from sbconsole and provide correct XML input, the response will be text content as transformed by MFL. But when you check the content of variable in flow trace it will show a binary reference. Basically within the context of same proxy service, the content will be referred using a reference uri, but when context changes, the actual content is passed instead of URI.