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    How to add new currency in ORCO and ORBO

      Hi, I have successfully install ORCO, ORBO and ORPOS. I followed Implementation Guide, Volume 1 – Implementation Solutions to add new currency in ORPOS.

      But I still do not know how to add new currency in CO and BO.

      I try to use import parameter feature in ORCO and ORBO to import xml, the result said "Success" but there is no changes.

      Please help show how I could achieve this.
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          Uttam Kumar
          POS and BO share the common database so you dont need to do anything else. For CO, the same steps would work.

          What type of changes you are expecting by importing parameterset.xml ?
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            Thanks for your advice Uttam.

            Yes, POS and CO share the same db. But when I try to Start of Day in BO and entering floating amount, it still be in USD (default), not in new currency.

            And there is no new currency appear on paremeter "Cash Accepted" in BO. But POS has it. So, I'm not sure that did I do something wrong?

            Do you have example of xml file to import new currency in BO and CO? because mine seem not working.
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              Uttam Kumar
              I guess you missed the step to configure your new currency as base currency. The value of column FL_CNY_BASE in table CO_CNY must be 1 for your new currency and 0 for rest of the currencies.

              Please have a double check whether you have executed all the steps properly and the data has been set properly.

              To see updated parameters in BO and CO, you need to create a new xml file having only parameters that you have updated in POS and then import them (using parameters for distribution) into BO and CO.

              Apart from the steps mentioned in Oracle docs, you need to modify properties file as well to see proper text on the screen as you wont be having localized text corresponding to your new currency.

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                I change the FL_CNY_BASE into 1 already. POS is OK now. But BO is not regconize that there is a new currency. I'm trying to go to

                Admin -> Job Manager -> Available Import -> Import BackOffice Parameters

                and try to import xml file that contain belowing content.


                <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
                <CurrencyImport xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="CurrencyImport.xsd" Priority="0" FillType="FullIncremental" Version="1.0" Batch="1" CreationDate="2001-12-17T09:30:47.0Z" ExpirationDate="2027-12-17T09:30:47.0Z">
                <!-- Example of adding a Currency. -->
                <Currency ChangeType="ADD" ISOCode="MYR" IssuingCountryCode="MY" Name="MYR" IssuingCountryNationality="Malaysian" IsBaseCurrency="true" Scale="2" Priority="0" />
                <ExchangeRate ChangeType="ADD" CurrencyCode="MYR" MinimumAmount="0.00" EffectiveDate="2008-05-26" ExpirationDate="2050-06-02" ToBuyAmount="2" ToSellAmount="2" ServiceFeeAmount="0.00" />


                The result said it success but I still cannot see any change.

                Is there is any other things I should make change at BO? Any property file that I should make change? BO and CO is web application so the structure of files are not the same as POS. I can't following the same thing when I had made with POS for BO and CO.

                Thanks for you helping
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                  Uttam Kumar
                  This is not a parameter file rather a DIMP file and should not be uploaded into the application. :-)

                  Refer parameterset.xml file inside installer of BO or CO and try creating the same with only your changed parameters and upload it into applications using 'parameter for distribution' feature.

                  If BO is not recognizing new currency then it might be that it is pointing to a database other than which POS is pointing. Ideally, POS and BO should point to the same database.
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                    Thank for all your help Uttam. :)

                    Unfortunately, I don't have luck with your method. The result show it is fail after importing the file.

                    However, I just found that there is a resource file reside in BO and CO at <install folder>/server/ORCO_AS/stage/centraloffice/centraloffice.ear -> centraloffice.war -> WEB-INF/classes/applicationResource.properties. So I made a change as same as I had made in POS in this file and turn out it is working!!

                    I'm struck with adding new store now. If you know the way to create new store in CO, please advice. :)