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    changing memory_target and memory_max_size for asm in clustered env?

      We have been instructed to change the memory_target and memory_max target for our asm instances in a 2 node cluster running oracle grid infrastructure and rdbms on redhat el6.
      The asm instances are point to the shared spfile for startup parameters as follows.
      SQL> show parameter spfile

      ------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
      spfile string +CRS_DG/qlnplnxrac01/asmparame

      Can this be changed dynamically? Does the clusterware need to stopped in order to change this parameter? The ocr and voting disk are stored in ASM so what will happen if we stop both of the asm instances?
      Any help is greatly appreciated...I have never had to change memory parameters for asm as it was installed during grid install and assumed it was configured correctly.