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    Can anyone suggest how to fix batch processor performance?

    Paul Fowler
      The DBA's examined the OPA batch process while it was running. Oracle was sitting idle most the time waiting on the batch processor (according to the DBA staff.) Locks were not an issue and the DB was not under any load.

      The performance is absolutely dismal and we are going to open an OPA support ticket, but would like a quick answer if anyone on this forum has a quick answer.

      (Also, if you try to kill the batch job with <ctrl-c> because it is taking too long, then it leaves the sessions and cursors open. Is there a way to gracefully shut down the batch processor?)

      We have a single simple table where the first 5 columns are conditions and the last column is a conclusion.

      I filled the table with 1,000,000 rows of conditional data. I ran with a configuration like below:

      <output type="db" />
      <boolean-format true-value="TRUE" false-value="FALSE" />
      <mapping entity="global" table="SSPNA_IN" primary-key="ID">
      <attribute name="bHasNoCountableIncome" field="BHASNOCOUNTABLEINCOME" />
      <attribute name="bIsResidentOfNY" field="BISRESIDENTOFNY" />
      <attribute name="cSSIBenefitAmt" field="CSSIBENEFITAMT" />
      <attribute name="tFedLivingArrangementCD" field="TFEDLIVINGARRANGEMENTCD" />
      <attribute name="tManualHMOInd" field="TMANUALHMOIND" />
      <attribute name="tPaymentStatusCD" field="TPAYMENTSTATUSCD" />
      <attribute name="tPrincipleProviderCD" field="TPRINCIPLEPROVIDERCD" />
      <attribute name="cSSPNAPayment" field="CSSPNAPAYMENT" output="true" />
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          Kevin Wan
          This is definitely not something we've seen in the testing environment.

          Can you please raise a SR via Oracle Support and provide the following information?

          1. Product version. Version 10.4.1 added multi-processor support for Java database connection in case you were using 10.4.0
          2. Oracle database version
          3. Is the database installed on a physical server or a VM? What's the machine specification, i.e. CPU and memory size?
          4. Is the SSPNA_IN table indexed?
          5. What is the logging level? Does it help if you change the logging level to ERROR?
          6. Please provide the rulebase project and DDL/DML to create tables and insert sample data.
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            I am happy to take a look.
            I have been working with a couple of customers to get the best performance for the Batch Processor.
            If you want to set up a meeting my email is phil.whitwell@oracle.com

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              Paul Fowler
              This problem appears to have fixed itself.

              I suspect a problem with my PC. Drivers, java version, or something. Perhaps I wasn't running the version of Java I thought I was running and after downloading the latest java and cleaning up my PC some, everything was set straight.

              The database has not changed (to my knowledge.)

              So thank you all who looked into this.