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    Cannot set zpool bootfs property on flat file vdisk (works using volume)

      I have a guest domain with a single vdisk created from a 50GB flat file (full disk, not slice).

      I have booted from the network to restore a root pool snapshot from a different system into my guest domain. Format and prtvtoc show my disk configured with an SMI label with all space on slices 0 and 2.

      I can create the rpool and restore my snapshot, but when I run the command to set my bootfs property (zpool set bootfs=rpool/ROOT/zfsBE rpool) I receive the error, "cannot set property for 'rpool': property 'bootfs' not supported on EFI labeled devices". This does not make sense because it appears to be SMI labeled. If I attempt this whole process using a zfs volume based vdisk, everything works correctly.

      Has anyone seen this issue or aware of differences between using a file or volume based vdisk?