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    Need help with Replication or  Data Transfer from Oracle to Oracle

      Hello every,
      I am new oracle databases. In my scenario, i have an Oracle 10g database say "ABC-production" hosted on production server say "S01".
      My requirement is that I want to replicate or copy all the changes (insertion, updation, deletion ...) occuring on "ABC-production" to my backup database "ABC-Backup" (oracle 10g) hosted on server "S02" (having the same schema as ABC-production). Therefore i am looking for a oracle tool that could perform that.

      I came across a topic over Oracle tool Enterprise Manager Consol that gives a GUI to perform replication. But I could not find "Oracle Enterprise Manager console". I found "Oracle Enterprise Manager" does it provide replication ?

      if yes which version will be suitable for oracle 10g databases.

      Looking forward to your support.