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    Dynamic column number change of a table in a mapping

      Hello everybody,

      I have to use multiple table in more than 30 mappings.
      These mappings include some operator like joiners, splitter and expressions.
      The problem is that I have to change the table structure like adding new columns.
      This happens quite often - every 2 month or so.
      It is most of the time one or two new columns.
      The result is that I spent a lot of time synchronising the tables and adding the new columns the joiners, splitter and so on for every mapping which uses the tables.

      I was asking myself if there is an other way to do this.
      I thought that I maybe can use a view or a mat view.
      Or is there some other way (or operator) to realise this kind of task.

      I you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know.

      Thank you in advance!